In-Office Visits

Lactation consultations and education sessions available in my home office

In-Office Lactation Consultation

This 2-hour office visit starts with a discussion about birth history, personal needs, and expectations. Clinical assessment includes examination of breasts and evaluation of baby’s latch and suck. Infant is weighed before and after breastfeeding to assess milk transfer. Education covers breast milk production, maintaining milk supply, positioning and latch on technique, feeding patterns, and newborn behavior. Specific problems are addressed and a personalized care plan is provided. Breastfeeding supplies and pumping instructions are given as needed. You will receive a call 24 – 48 hours after initial visit to answer any questions, schedule a follow up visit, and provide additional resources. In-Office Lactation Consultation is $160

In-Office Follow up Lactation Consultation

This 1-hour follow up visit includes follow-up breast exam and assessment of breastfeeding. Ongoing needs are evaluated and specific problems addressed. Breastfeeding supplies, pumping instructions, and resources are provided as needed. You will receive a call 48 – 72 hours after your visit to answer any questions and/or schedule additional follow-up consultations. In-Office Follow-up Lactation Consultation is $95

In-Office Education

Individualized education sessions: breastfeeding, childbirth, baby care, and infant massage.

I accept credit cards, Quick Pay, cash, or check. Please call me for information or to schedule a visit.

Or schedule a visit via Lactation Network at